The Villa Cabinets

The meeting rooms situated on the second floor of Villa Sandviken offer inspiring events and meetings in a historic environment. Let the beautiful surroundings of Hietalahti Park get you in a party mood or use your surroundings as a muse to let your ideas flow. The four meeting rooms at Villa are all designed with a classic style while having all the latest technology for meetings available. Below we have a short description of each room.


Organize a meeting in one of our cabinets with lunch included. The package deal consists ofthe cabinet, lunch and coffee served in the cabinet in the morning and afternoon. Meeting package from 35€/ per person.

Private event

Villa's cabinets provide a valuable setting for small private events. Remember to mention if you have special requests that we could take into account when arranging your event.


Enjoy a tasty dinner in your own cabinet with your entourage. A 50€ serving fee will be charged for your private cabinet.

The Pavlova room


40m2, for 12+1 persons
Diplomat table
WiFi & 70″ TV HDMI


The famous ballerina legend Anna Pavlova found love with a Swedish actorwhich is what brought her to Villa Sandviken. The dancer made her way here all the way from her tour in Stockholm just to be with her loved one. A local street vendor’s Russian-speaking son led the ballerina to Hietalahti Park where her beloved was performing for a summer theatre. However, Pavlovas feelings where not reciprocated and she tried to drown herself by the nearby beach. The local market vendors son was amused as he knew the water at the beach was shallow. Fortunately, Pavlova did not succeed in her attempt to drown herself and could continue pursuing her dancing career. She was yet to reach the top of her career!

The Sanmark Room


45m2, for 16+2 persons
Diplomat table
WiFi & 70″ TV HDMI


The room’s solemn color shades of dark blue and gold were chosen in honor of F.G.Sanmark. Sanmark served as a city doctor in Vaasa. He was also interested in gardening and infact planned Villa Sandvikens Garden. The color shades of the room come from a wallpaper that was found I the kitchen during The renovation of Villa. The furniture in Sanmark’s cabinet is of an old English style and gives the room an exclusive feeling. You can find a similar style in the Sibelius room next door.

The Sanmark cabinet is suitable for organizing meetings as well as small parties.

The Kesähuvila Room


25m2, for 6+1 persons
Diplomat table
WiFi & 60″ TV HDMI


Villa Sandviken is one of the first representatives of the villa culture that has landed from Sweden to Finland. When Villa's private use as a villa ended in 1880, it became a lively socializing place for city dwellers, where socialites arrived to show up and enjoy the various summer parties held in the park. The Villa became the villa of the whole city.

The Kesähuvila Room is decorated with a Gustavian style and is a tribute to the Villa traditions. The room’s wallpaper is a new production of a wallpaper from the 19th century. Trade secrets discussed in this space do not spread outside these heavy doors!


The Sibelius Room


For 8+2 persons
Can be combined with Sanmark cabinet


Sibelius is one of the many interesting people who visited Villa. Sibelius room is a tribute to the composer who enjoyed sitting in an armchair while smoking a nice cigar. The hunting horn above the cabinet’s doorway plays with the idea that another great historical Finnish man, Carl Gustaf Mannerheim, would have forgotten the horn in Villa when he visited the Hietalahti Park. Mannerheim spent his time in the politically significant city of Vaasa in 1918 and visited Villa on several occasions.

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